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Seattle massage - Janice McClure LMPHello and welcome to my website!

I have had the unique opportunity of attending massage schools in both New Jersey and Washington. This has given me a broad perspective of massage and how it is utilized as a life tool for people from east to west. Seattle is very "tuned-in" to the benefits of regular massage as part of a healthy lifestyle. This attitude makes my work very satisfying and meaningful!

My specialties and passions are deep tissue massage, injury treatment (including PIP insurance massage) and pregnancy massage. My massage style tends to be slow, deep, and focused, catering to the individual needs of my client. There is a broad array of massage modalities available these days and I am taking many additional courses in order to bring these benefits to my massage table.

Working as a treatment therapist in a chiropractic office for several years has given me the opportunity to assist a broad array of clientele with different massage needs: athletes with overuse injuries, auto accident victims (including PIP insurance massage), everyday people with tight shoulders, pregnant women with aching backs and the need for a little pampering... Massage can help everyone feel better!

Lastly, I would like to keep massage affordable to everyone. This is reflected in my fees.

I hope you will join me in the quest for optimum health and well being. Your body will thank you.

— Janice McClure LMP

Seattle massage - Janice McClure LMP  
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